83% of schools in England will still be worse off next year compared to 2015. 

What happens at this election will determine the future of education for a whole generation of children.

School Cuts in Westminster

Cities of London and Westminster has lost £5.6 million, an average loss of £706 per pupil, which means that 23 out of 25 schools in this constituency would lose out under current government plans. 

This is the current government that the Conservative candidate, Nickie Aiken, is standing for in the December 12th, 2019 General Election.

School Cuts in Westminster

SchoolCuts.org has asked each candidate standing in Cities of London and Westminster to pledge to stop school cuts. 

Gordon Nardell, Labour’s candidate for Cities of London and Westminster has signed the pledge. 

The candidates for both the Lib Dems and the Tories have not.

School Cuts in Westminster

In fact, despite being emailed about making the pledge to stop school cuts TEN times, there has yet to be a response from Chuka Umunna and Nickie Aiken.

School Cuts in Westminster

Here are the pledges made by Gordon Nardell:

School Cuts pledge

1. Reverse cuts to per-pupil funding suffered since 2015 for every school:

This means ensuring that every school is guaranteed at least the same amount of money per pupil, in real terms, as they had in 2015. 

2. Guarantee new money from the Treasury to reverse the cuts:

The money to reverse school cuts must be genuinely new money from the Treasury. It cannot be funds taken away from other areas of education spending. 

3. Restore funding to all ages and needs, including early years, SEND and post-16:

A real funding solution for schools should see every child through their education, from early years to college. Funding must be restored for high needs, early years pupils and post-16 students, who have suffered even bigger cuts since 2015.

4. Provide a ten-year funding plan so schools can plan for the long-term:

Schools need to be able to plan for the future. Headteachers and governors need to know what they can expect in their budgets over the long-term. Funding must be announced and guaranteed for the next ten years.

5. Address historic underfunding by levelling up all areas of the country:

Schools in historically underfunded areas must be levelled up in line with better funded areas. Fair funding won’t be achieved by taking money away from some schools to give to others. There must be adequate funding for every pupil, wherever they live.

6. Fully fund new commitments such as pay rises and other new costs:

Any new funding commitments should be fully funded by new money from the Treasury, not from other areas of education spending or by schools and colleges having to make cuts to cover new costs. 

Labour have pledged to invest in education in their 2019 manifesto because we want to improve education standards for all. 

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School Cuts in Westminster

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